About the Quince Coring Tool

As described on the website, the Quince Coring Tool is made of galvanized steel, also known as carbon steel. Likely this may be your first experience with galvanized steel (carbon steel) cutlery. Few cooks, other than professionals, have much experience with carbon steel knives these days

The benefits of the coring tool being made from galvanized steel is that it’s very sharp, keeps its sharp edges longer, and can be easily sharpened using a stone or hand-held sharpener. This is critical when coring quince since the fruit tends to be hard and the cores must be completely removed before cooking. Oxo sells a coring tool made from stainless steel. It’s useless for coring quince—the cutting edges are dull, dull, dull. However, it won’t tarnish or rust as easily.

The downside of carbon steel cutlery is that it tarnishes and rusts quickly if not properly cared for. Keeping the coring tool dry during the food preparation process, and clean and dry when stored, is key. I quarter all my quince before coring all the quarters. That way I am able to use the coring tool continuously. This reduces the need to wipe the blade frequently. If you set the blade down, even for a short while, it will begin to discolor, esp. when cutting acidic foods (the pH of quince is 3.3!). I keep a paper towel nearby and wipe the blade before using it again if I get interrupted during the coring process. Finally, when I’m done with the coring tool, I immediately wash and dry it.

With proper care, your tool will last a lifetime. I’ve been using my coring tool for over a decade and there are women in the San Joaquin Valley who are using their grandmother’s coring tool, all made from galvanized steel.

Happy quincing!

P. S. The coring tool has many other uses in the kitchen besides coring quince. In the Armenian-Middle Eastern kitchen we stuff everything—eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, grape leaves, etc. The Coring Tool hollows out a thin eggplant or zucchini in seconds! It removes the thready interior of a squash effortlessly. Easy, effortless, quick, and sharp—the Coring Tool is one the best kept secrets in the chef’s tool basket. Get yours today.

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