About the Queen

Barbara GhazarianIn 2009, with the publication of her most recent cookbook, Simply Quince, Barbara has become known as the “Queen of Quince.” She is passionate about cooking the near-forgotten fruit of her ancestry as well as resurrecting the quince to its rightful place on the table and in the garden. Simply Quince builds on the success of her first award-winning cookbook, Simply Armenian: Naturally Healthy Ethnic Cooking Made Easy (2004, 2010 3rd printing). Ghazarian has multiple TV credits, including Real Simple for PBS-TV and WGBH-Boston, and she is a frequent radio guest. She lectures from coast to coast on Armenian related topics to Armenian and American audiences. Barbara holds a BA in molecular biology from Wellesley College. She credits her scientific laboratory experience as the key the creating and perfecting easy, no-fail recipes that will delight the family and friends of even the most inexperienced home cook. Her cookbooks are for home cooks who are interested in successfully trying new dishes without investing a ton of time or money.

Press kits:

Simply Quince press kit (click to download).

Simply Armenian press kit (click to download).

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Click here to email Barbara at: queen AT queenofquince DOT com