Another Year, Another Quince Fest at Vineyard Farmers’ Mkt, Fresno

Fresno is getting it’s quince on again this year in celebration of the “Year of the Quince.” Join me at Vineyard Farmers’ Market, Saturday, November 15 from 8AM to noon. I’ll have lots of quince preserves for sale. Come early if you want my quintessential quince jelly–the purest nectar of the branch.


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The Root Simple Podcast Interview

QueenofQuinceA conversation about the ultimate slow food, quince, with Barbara Ghazarian, author of Simply Quince and Simply Armenian. If you have room, you should definitely make room for a quince tree. If not, you should work with this amazing fruit. During the podcast Barbara discusses how to prep and cook quince. We also talk about savory dishes made with quince and take a detour into a discussion about muhammara.

Click here to listen to Barbara Ghazarian’s interview on The Root Simple Podcast.

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Fruit Nerd Convention Agenda


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PRIME-Living: The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine of Texas

Simply Quince wins accolades from the Longhorn State’s newest upscale magazine–PRIME-Living. Records from the 1850s report quince growing in Texas, however, recent sightings of Cydonia Oblonga have been more elusive. “Texas Scarlet” is a gorgeous Japanese flowering quince variety with fiery red, apple-blossom-like flowers that precede leaves each spring. It produces small greenish-yellow fruit in the fall which when peeled, cored, and cooked with an equal amount of sugar and a touch of cinnamon will grace your holiday table with an exotic turkey side reminiscent of its blooms. Thank you to the folks at PRIME-Living for getting their quince on! Happy quincing, Texas.

TX Prime-Living_2014 cover

PRIME-Living celebrates the "Year of the Quince" on page 10 of the May-June 2014 issue. Available at Barnes & Noble.

PRIME-Living celebrates the “Year of the Quince” on page 10 of the May-June 2014 issue. Available at Barnes & Noble.

It's not everyday that Simply Quince shares billing with Ivanka Trump!

It’s not everyday that Simply Quince shares billing with Ivanka Trump!

Texas Scarlet flowing quince early spring blossoms.

Texas Scarlet flowing quince early spring blossoms.

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Quince: Heirloom Fruit of The Year?

By Laura Ness/The Californian

We already know it’s the year of the horse, but now we are hearing it is also the year of the quince. Well, be that as it may, we love this rare fruit for its amazingly pure, calm-inducing fragrance. Five years ago saw the publication of Simply Quince, by Monterey County author Barbara Ghazarian. Although still unfamiliar to most Americans today, quince is a staple in orchards and kitchens around the world and was cultivated in the United States by the early colonists. Quince may be America’s forgotten heirloom fruit, but not for long, if Ghazarian has anything to say about it. Ghazarian will be a special guest speaker at The Quince Revival Swells — 2014 Festival of Fruit, August 6-9, in Portland, Oregon.

Do you have a quince tree? If so, what do you do with the fruit? I know I’ve fed quinces to horses before: they would much rather have apples.

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The Quince Revival Swells–2014 Festival of Fruit

Here is A First Look at the 2014 Festival of Fruit

This year the California Rare Fruit Growers will be hosted jointly by the Home Orchard Society (HOS) and the North American Fruit Explorers (NAFEX) Meeting 2014


Tuesday evening, August 5

Evening registration and welcome at Edgefield Inn
Evening NAFEX Board Meeting at Best Western

Wednesday, August 6
Full day of presentations at Edgefield Inn
Evening buffet  dinner with  guest speaker as yet unconfirmed and “Open
Mic”  session for short member presentations  (may change to daytime)

Thursday, August 7-Choice of Bus Tours
Oregon Columbia Gorge Tour
Columbia Gorge Waterfalls and Geology; Bonneville Dam;
OSU Mid-Columbia Research Station, Columbia Organics Composting
Hazelnut Orchard & WineryTour
Banquet at Edgefield in evening

Friday, August 8-Choice of Bus Tours
Corvallis-Oregon State UniversityTour-OSU hazelnut breeding; lunch and tasting at 2-Townes Ciderhouse
USDA Fruit and Nut Genebank. Olive Farm and Winery Tour

Saturday, August 9-Various on-your-own options, including HOS

Arbo­retum Open House, One Green World Nursery, Portland area attractions

Sunday, August 10-Northern Nut Growers Association (NNGA) to meet in Corvallis)


Session: Northwest Fruit Industries
Steve Castagnoli, Oregon State University, Hood River-An overview of the fruit tree industry in Oregon’s Columbia Gorge.
Sam Benowitz, Raintree Nursery, Morton,Washington-40 years in the mail-order fruit nursery business.
Pete Mulligan-Bull Run Cider, Forest Grove, Oregon-History and growth of hard cider in PNW.

Session: Fruits Around the World
Phil Forsline, USDAAgricultural Research Service, Geneva,Apple Curator (retired to Portland)-The REAL origin of the apple.
Jim Gilbert, One Green World Nursery, Molalla, Oregon-Exploring the
World for Unique and Unusual Fruits.
Ross Penhallegon, OSU Horticulture Extension, Eugene, Oregon-Bringing modern orchard techniques to Tajikistan
C. Todd Kennedy, CRFG, San Francisco-Seasonal Fruit Rant

Session: Year of the Quince
Barbara Ghazarian, Pacific Grove, California-The  Quince Revival Swells
Tremaine Arkley, Quince Futurist, Buena Vista, Oregon-Quince products from Membrillo to Liquor
Joseph Postman, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Corvallis-Old and
new Quince varieties for the Pacific Northwest

Confirmed Speaker for August 7 Banquet
Susan Dolan, National  Park Service, Seattle: Historic Orchards in our
National Parks

Potential Presenters at Edgefield on August 6
Amigo Cantisano,The Felix Gillet Institute, Nevada City, Calif.
Kim Hummer, USDAAgric. Research Service, Corvallis, Ore.-Fragaria cas­cadensis, a new strawberry species from Oregon’s Cascade mountains.

Chad Finn or Bernadine Strik, USDA and Oregon State Univ., Corvallis-The birth of a new berry.
Edgefield Inn cider maker or landscape manager
Dai Crisp, Lumos Vineyard and Winery, Philomath, Ore.-Organic grape and wine production in Oregon’s Willamette Valley
Randall Grahm, Bonny Doon Vineyard, Santa Cruz, Calif.
Roger Meyer, Nursery, Fountain Valley, Calif.-Jujubes, cultivation and uses

Presenters during Columbia Gorge tour on August 7
Marilyn Couture and son-Columbia Gorge Waterfall and Geology Tour
Todd Einhorn, Oregon State Univ., Hood River-Tree fruit rootstocks and training  systems
(JanetTurner, Steve Castagnoli alternates)
Cheryl Stewart, Columbia Gorge Organics-Tour of 5 acre  composting facility that supports the family operated orchards, juice with the best Kitchen Appliances Online and process­ ing operations.

Presenters during Willamette Valley tour on August 8
Shawn Mehlenbacher, Oregon State University, Corvallis-New, disease resistant hazelnut cultivars
Dave Takush, Owner and Cider Scientist, 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Corvallis.
Joseph Postman, Kim Hummer, Nahla Bassil, Barbara Reed-USDA National Germplasm Repository, Corvallis
Mike Hessel of Red Hat Melons

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2014 is the “Year of the Quince”!

The California Rare Fruit Growers (CRFG) have declared 2014 the “Year of the Quince.” This is amazing since it comes only five short years after the publication of Simply Quince—when few in the US knew what a quince was, and less cared. The revival is happening thanks to the success of the cookbook and the efforts of Team Quince members near and far.

Let’s take our lead from the CRFG ( and make 2014 the best quincing year in US history. Quince on, quince lovers. 2014 is our year!

If you are a member of a group that’s looking for a speaker or would like to host a cooking event, please get in touch. Let’s build on our success and get more people to plant quince trees and delight family and friends with quince treats from kitchens across America.

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Fresno’s gettin’ its quince on! Saturday, November 23, 2013

Like Lear’s “mince and slices of quince,” the fruit and the farmers of the San Joaquin Valley have dined on the aromatic quince for decades and the love affair continues. Despite Oregon’s fast growing number of passionate “quince quacks,” the vast majority of quince sold in the US is grown by farmers in greater Fresno. This Saturday, the city will celebrate the commercial farmers longstanding commitment to the aromatic golden globes (originally from Armenia—I had to put that tidbit in!), but the city will also acknowledge the backyard orchardists’ budding love affair with the golden pome. And, the Queen of Quince will be on location for all the fun.

Join me at the Vineyard Farmers’ Market’s Third Annual Quince Festival ( The market is located at Blackstone and Shaw and there’s lots of free parking! I’ll be on hand from 8:30 AM to noon to “talk quince,” sign my award-winning cookbook, Simply Quince, and offer my handmade, all-natural, not-to-sweet artisan quince preserves.

But that’s not all, nope, I’ve been invited to “talk quince” with Rich Rodriguez on his radio program, “Ag Life Weekend,” on Power Talk Radio 96.7 FM/ 1400 AM.  If that doesn’t get Fresno’s quince on, I’m not sure what will!

So, join me and fellow quince lovers at the Vineyard Farmers’ Market and turn your radio dials to Power Talk Radio Fresno for a lively discussion of all-things-quince on “Ag Life Weekend with Rich Rodriguez” and the Queen. See you in Fresno. I love Fresno!!!

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Zucchini Pancakes! Marina Farmers’ Market, Sunday, Oct. 20 @ 12:30pm

Join me this Sunday at Everyone’s Harvest Certified Organic Market in Marina for my Healthy Interactive Cooking Workshop. We will make Zucchini Pancakes. Zucchini has never tasted this good! For more information and directions to the market, visit See you there!

Zucchini Pancakes

4 small zucchini, coarsely grated

¼ cup finely chopped onion

¼ cup chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley

1 small clove garlic, pressed

¼ teaspoon ground cumin

¼ teaspoon dried mint

¼ teaspoon salt

⅛ teaspoon ground black pepper

Pinch of cayenne

2 large eggs

1 tablespoon white all-purpose flour

Vegetable oil

1. Place the zucchini in a saucepan with ¼ cup water and cook over moderate heat until tender, about 5 minutes. Drain through a strainer, pressing out excess liquid with a potato masher or fork.

2. Transfer the drained squash to a mixing bowl. Add the onion, parsley, garlic, cumin, mint, salt, black pepper, and cayenne. Mix thoroughly before stirring in the eggs and flour.

3. Pour enough vegetable oil in a small skillet so that the oil is about ¼ inch deep. Heat over medium-high heat until hot, but not smoking.

4. Shape small pancakes with your hands and carefully drop each into the hot oil. Fry until golden brown, flipping once, so that both sides are cooked golden. Drain on paper towels; pat off excess oil, if necessary.

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Certified Organic San Carlos Quince Butter & Paste from Oregon

Hi Everyone,

Quince lovers across the US now have a place to purchase 100% certified organic, 100% Oregon grown, 110% delicious quince butter and quince paste (dulce de membrillo) at very very reasonable prices.

Veteran grower, Carl Berg and his wife, Fanny, are leading the charge to put quince on every American table. What are you waiting for? Place your San Carlos Quince order today!

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