Coco loves quince!

Meet Coco, one of my neighbor’s cats. She’s a Somali. Somali’s are a breed of cat born in the 1950s from Abyssinian cat breeding programs. They are tall, long-haired, beautiful cats known for their almost dog-like characteristics. Like most of her breed, Coco is intelligent, playful, and curious. She lives most of her life inside, but Coco loves a gorgeous summer day, too.

If you remember from a previous blog, I reported the presence of a quince thief in Newport. Someone stole all of the quinces of QT last fall. There is a dark side of the quince revival! My neighbor, Coco’s owner, suggested that an animal ate last year’s harvest, because last fall when Coco was near the quince tree, she pawed and tried to bite the ripe fruit. Still, her theory seemed unlikely. According to my knowledge and experience, no animal or bird is a great fan of limb-ripened quince. Having said that, we decided to test Coco’s quince interest again. It’s confirmed. Coco loves quince!

Gotta love an animal who appreciates the heady rose fragrance of maturing quince. Still…I think my quince thief is of the two-legged variety.

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