Fresno’s gettin’ its quince on! Saturday, November 23, 2013

Like Lear’s “mince and slices of quince,” the fruit and the farmers of the San Joaquin Valley have dined on the aromatic quince for decades and the love affair continues. Despite Oregon’s fast growing number of passionate “quince quacks,” the vast majority of quince sold in the US is grown by farmers in greater Fresno. This Saturday, the city will celebrate the commercial farmers longstanding commitment to the aromatic golden globes (originally from Armenia—I had to put that tidbit in!), but the city will also acknowledge the backyard orchardists’ budding love affair with the golden pome. And, the Queen of Quince will be on location for all the fun.

Join me at the Vineyard Farmers’ Market’s Third Annual Quince Festival ( The market is located at Blackstone and Shaw and there’s lots of free parking! I’ll be on hand from 8:30 AM to noon to “talk quince,” sign my award-winning cookbook, Simply Quince, and offer my handmade, all-natural, not-to-sweet artisan quince preserves.

But that’s not all, nope, I’ve been invited to “talk quince” with Rich Rodriguez on his radio program, “Ag Life Weekend,” on Power Talk Radio 96.7 FM/ 1400 AM.  If that doesn’t get Fresno’s quince on, I’m not sure what will!

So, join me and fellow quince lovers at the Vineyard Farmers’ Market and turn your radio dials to Power Talk Radio Fresno for a lively discussion of all-things-quince on “Ag Life Weekend with Rich Rodriguez” and the Queen. See you in Fresno. I love Fresno!!!

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