Quince: Heirloom Fruit of The Year?

By Laura Ness/The Californian

We already know it’s the year of the horse, but now we are hearing it is also the year of the quince. Well, be that as it may, we love this rare fruit for its amazingly pure, calm-inducing fragrance. Five years ago saw the publication of Simply Quince, by Monterey County author Barbara Ghazarian. Although still unfamiliar to most Americans today, quince is a staple in orchards and kitchens around the world and was cultivated in the United States by the early colonists. Quince may be America’s forgotten heirloom fruit, but not for long, if Ghazarian has anything to say about it. Ghazarian will be a special guest speaker at The Quince Revival Swells — 2014 Festival of Fruit, August 6-9, in Portland, Oregon.

Do you have a quince tree? If so, what do you do with the fruit? I know I’ve fed quinces to horses before: they would much rather have apples.


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