Quince Syrup with Seltzer

Around the holidays I sent Nach Waxman and his wonderful staff at Kitchen Arts & Letters (http://www.kitchenartsandletters.com/) in New York City a box filled with quince goodies made from Simply Quince recipes. Nach and his cookbook-loving staff and patrons have long been supporters of both Simply Quince and Simply Armenian, but I had never quinced them before. So I sent them a few home made goodies to try from The Queen’s Kitchen. Included in the box was Quince Coffee Cake, Quince-Meyer Lemon Marmalade, Quince Paste, and a jar of Quince Syrup. The Kitchen Arts & Letters folk divided up the bounty and a short time later I received this note from Nach.

“The Quince Syrup is just amazing stirred into a glass of seltzer…”

Quince Syrup is a by-product. Instead of tossing out or composting the peels and cores of the fruit, I put them in a heavy-bottomed pot with enough cold water to cover them and simmer the fruit scraps for about an hour, until the fruit is very tender. Then strain through a cheesecloth and transfer the juice to a large pot. Add sugar to taste (about a cup of sugar to a cup of fruit juice), and simmer over low heat until the syrup reddens to a ruby color and the syrup thickens. Quince syrup is delicious over pancakes, French toast, or in yogurt. Or, follow Nach’s lead and stir it into a glass of seltzer! Thank you, Nach, for sharing a delicious quince discovery. Quince on!

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