Simply Quince Buzzes from Coast to Coast

“I’m not sure I have every step of it just right, but I thought you’d like to know that a woman came into the store today and asked for a copy of the quince book—by name. I asked her how she happened to know about it, and she told me she’d heard about it from someone who ran a fruit and vegetable stand at her local greenmarket (in New York, behind the American Museum of Natural History). He told her, he’d heard about it from a grower in this area, who had heard about it from another grower in California, who had heard you speaking about quinces. Anyhow, it was a magnificent demonstration of what word-of-mouth is really all about, and I can tell you that you can have a dozen books published by Random House or Doubleday or Viking and not ever see the benefits of that kind of exposure.”

Nach Waxman, owner of Kitchen Arts & Letters, NYC

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