Simply Quince

Simply Quince Cookbook

Simply Quince is more than a recipe book. It is a tribute to the heirloom quince. The “Queen of Quince” shows us that there is more to quince than jams and jellies. From Quince Salsa to Quince-infused Grappa, 70 easy recipes are sprinkled with helpful tips, pinches of folklore, and pounds of succulent fruit
flavor. No sales tax, free shipping, plus author signed.

Simply Quince $20

Simply Armenian

Simply Armenian Cookbook

Now in its 3rd printing, this inexpensive paperback takes the stress out of preparing healthy Armenian dishes your family won’t soon forget. Explore more than 150 authentic recipes based around fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, yogurt, and olive oil—all staples of the Armenian kitchen. Step-by-step instructions make preparing Middle Eastern favorites like hummus, tabbouli, boreks, and shish kebob quick and easy. You’ll find unique special-occasion dishes, too. No sales tax, free shipping, plus author signed.

Simply Armenian $20

Quince Coring Tool

Quince Coring Tool

This 6”long, double-bladed tool resembles a medium-sized melon baller than has been stretched to a sharp point. Made from galvanized steel, its edges are razor sharp and can be resharpened. It makes coring quince almost effortless. Whether you are seeding squash or hollowing out vegetables for stuffing, those are just a few of the labor intensive culinary tasks made easy when using this little tool. You’ll soon wonder how you ever cooked without it. No sales tax, free shipping.

Quince Coring Tool $12.50