Using the Coring Tool to hollow veggies for dolma

The Armenian ladies of greater Fresno taught me how to use the Coring Tool to quickly and, almost effortlessly (I said almost!), remove the gritty core of quince, but the tool’s greater applications in the Armenian kitchen became obvious really fast.

Armenian cooks stuff everything! Zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, winter squashes, artichokes, grape leaves, cabbage leaves…everything! We called our stuffed veggies and leaves dolmas.

Have you ever tried to hollow out a thin zucchini using a paring knife? Try it. That’s the way Middle Eastern cooks have hollowed out vegetables for eons. But, there’s a much better way. Use the Coring Tool.

I hollowed this zucchini half in seconds in front of a farmers’ market audience. Once folks saw how the tool worked, I sold a dozen tools after the demo. The Coring Tool is made of galvanized steel so it can be sharpen over and over again. Translation, all you need is one and it will be there in your kitchen to help you tackle numerous culinary tasks forever!

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